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SAP C4C Technical web-based preparing offered by Vintage IT solutions bestows enlightenment on the conclusion to-end deals process stream and different fundamentals of SAP C4C stage that is important for aligning the associations to the clients. The SAP C4C Technical online courses have been intended to give an entire managerial of the association, with the goal that the hopefuls would have the capacity to understand the functionalities, feed, shelf, tag, follow of C4C.

SAP C4C Online Training

In addition, here at Sapvits Academy the competitors would find the opportunity to meet the accomplished trainer, who help them in picking up the total associate on the SAP C4C stage that empowers dealing with the Accounts, Market, Workflow, and so forth., however, there are lots of other essentials also that helps the hopefuls in understanding the parts and approvals of an expert. This preparation helps in managing the authoritative issues identified with customers and clients.

SAP C4C Technical Online Training is rendered by the best topic specialists and the instructional exercises arranged by these master businesses united guides are made with most recent industry refreshes. Classes are accessible for the person and in addition to corporate bunches on request. Call the assistance work area for more data for online SAP C4C Technical Online Training and its details.

Prerequisites to learn SAP SDK Training:

To learn SAP C4C SDK Training at Sapvits Online Trainings the person must have knowledge on:
  • SAP Abap
  • SAP CRM Technical
  • SAP CRM Functional
  • Any CRM Knowledge People.

Overview of SAP C4C Technical Training:

SAP C4C Technical Training at Sapvits- SAP Cloud for Customer is cloud based solution that is running currently on its own platform. We have also customized tool called SAP Cloud Application Studio to customize SAP Hybris cloud for customer standard and developed custom solution and fulfill the gaps for our customers. We can also have custom integration, enhancement and custom configuration using cloud application studio. In Cloud Application Studio we have three languages ABSL, BODL and SAP Ruby used for building solution in studio. These can be clarified in short in SAP C4C Technical Online Training.

We additionally give SAP C4C Functional Training. Where C4C is said to be as a substitution of CRM On-Premise.
  • SAP Cloud Application Studio is like Microsoft Visual Studio and its aggregate incorporated tool that associated with cloud storehouse. We also called Software Development Kit (SDK). 
  • We have two options in SAP C4C. They are SDK and Adapt. 
  • SDK means Software development kit that we are just enhancing; implementing our business objects, business logic. SDK is having three parts. They are ABSL, BODL, and RUBY. 
  • Where ABSL means Advance business scripting language where we are implementing our business logic. So this is the main language of the SDK. And it is similar to Java language. 
  • BODL means Business object definition language. It is used to business object definition in a structured manner. 
  • Now the third part is SAP Ruby language. So in some of the right tools which have a capability to execute the logic within the front end screen. 
  • So we have options in the cloud applications tool in the UI designer when we design the screen we can implement the logic based on specific condition or based on specific elements. We can execute the logic and just change the UI. So this will be handled by the SAP Ruby. 
  • Whenever you design a screen, the ABSL and BODL act as a core part of the SDK. So it is necessary to write the business logic in ABSL and write down view of your structure in BODL. 
  • But the Ruby is just implemented in the front end UI designer. When you design a screen then you will have a property to just change your logic based on certain condition. 
  • The second component in C4C is Adapt. Adapt means adaptation. It contains three parts in it. They are KUT, Configure, and Rules. 
  • Where KUT means Key user tool. The other is configuration part. So all type of configuration, like drop-down list, what type of data can be visible for the value. And the rules are nothing but without touching to SDK just implement your rules and implement your design for screen. 
  • So this will be applicable to rules and you can simply raise the message if the field is blank or field is mandatory, you can just enable or disable your field based on other fields. So these are the adaption parts where without SDK, you can just implement your customization for the specific screen.

System environment:

In C4C, we have four components. They are integration, Configuration, Extension and Development.

Integration: It is the most important part.
Configuration: It contains standard and custom configurations.
Extension: In this part, we add a custom message within any of the objects like account, contact, sales order and sales code etc. So based on requirements you can extend your standard solution.
Development: In this component designing your business object, designing your screen is done and thus it will fulfill your requirement.

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